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Axeia : Valle Verde For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Jasmine Inner V4 ₱ 1,238,250 50 sqm
Jasmine Inner V5 ₱ 1,289,000 50 sqm
Jasmine Inner V7 ₱ 1,271,750 50 sqm
Jasmine End V7 ₱ 1,702,000 75 sqm
Linnea V1 ₱ 2,509,000 100 sqm

Total Price: 1,223,000
Loan Value: 974,000
Equity: 249,000
Reservation fee: 10,000
Net Equity: 239,000
Payable in 12 mos: 19,916
Payable in 18 mos 7% int: 14,025
Payable in 24 mos 0% int: 11,028
M.a payable in 20 yrs: 7,261 + insurance
M.a payable in 25 yrs: 6,576 + insurance
M.a payable in 30 yrs: 6,156 + insurance 


Reasons Why You Should Invest In Valle Verde

The Comfortable and Luxuriant Affordable Destination

As if the above reasons were not enough, here again, Valle Verde is one of the best projects which have the location which anybody will want, with world class Safety and security measures with all the basic amenities of a comfortable and peaceful life and all this in the lap of nature. 'Green Valley' the literal meaning of Valle Verde is available to you at a very affordable price giving you a durable and modern project to fulfill your dreams with a reputed and experienced partner in real estate who have an experience of delivering 18000 dreams.

Bundle of Amenities and Features and Several nearby Attractions

Valle Verde is one of the properties that is just not a luxuriant place to live in but also a place which accommodates several amenities and essentials. It has an unending number of attractive hubs as well as centers such that the residents of Valle Verde are always surrounded by conveniences. There are several hospitals, schools, colleges, churches, shopping malls, food stations etc. nearby Valle Verde.

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